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ICDT 2011 Program

March 21, 2011
8:45-9:00 ICDT Opening Session Session Chair: Tova Milo
9:00-10.30 EDBT/ICDT Keynote:Dan Suciu
Tractability in Probabilistic Databases
Session Chair: Tova Milo
11:00-12.30 ICDT Research Session 1:
Session Chair: Alin Deutsch
Efficient Reasoning about Data Trees via Integer Linear Programming *(Best Paper award)* Authors:Claire David, Leonid Libkin, and
Tony Tan

Generating, sampling and counting subclasses of regular tree language Authors:Timos Antonopoulos, Floris Geerts, Wim Martens, and Frank Neven
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Authors:Iovka Boneva, Benoît Groz, Iovka Boneva, Yves Roos, Sophie Tison, Anne-Cécile Caron, and Slawek Staworko
14:00-15.30 ICDT Research Session 2:
Session Chair: Frank Neven

Querying Probabilistic Business Processes for Sub-Flows *(Best Student Paper award)* Authors: Daniel Deutch
Artifact Systems with Data Dependencies and Arithmetic Authors: Elio Damaggio, Alin Deutsch, and Victor Vianu
Comparing Workflow Specification Languages: A Matter of Views Authors:Serge Abiteboul, Pierre Bourhis, Victor Vianu
16:00-17.00 ICDT Research Session 3:
Data Exchange
Session Chair: Foto Afrati
Relaxed Notions of Schema Mapping Equivalence Revisited Authors:Reinhard Pichler; Emanuel Sallinger; Vadim Savenkov
Solutions in XML Data Exchange Authors:Mikołaj Bojaʼnczyk, Leszek Kołodziejczyk, and Filip Murlak
Simplifying Schema Mappings Authors:Diego Calvanese, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Maurizio Lenzerini, and Moshe Vardi
March 22, 2011
8:45-9:00 EDBT Opening Session  
9:00-10.30 EDBT/ICDT Keynote:Jeff Ullman
Map-Reduce Extensions and Recursive Queries
11:00-12.30 ICDT Research Session 4:
XML and semi-structured data
Session Chair: Diego Calvanese
On the Equivalence of Distributed Systems with Queries and Communication Authors:Serge Abiteboul, Balder ten Cate, Yannis Katsis
Two-variable logic and Key Constraints on Data words Authors:Matthias Niewerth and Thomas Schwentick
Satisfiability algorithms for conjunctive queries over trees Authors: James Cheney
14:00-15.30 ICDT Invited Tutorial:
Kathleen Fisher
The PADS Project: An Overview
Session Chair: Susan Davidson
16:00-17.30 ICDT Research Session 5:
Probabilistic Databases
Session Chair: Daniel Deutch
Knowledge Compilation Meets Database Theory : Compiling Queries to Decision Diagrams Authors: Abhay Jha, Dan Suciu
On the Optimal Approximation of Queries Using Tractable Propositional Languages Authors:Robert Fink and Dan Olteanu
(Approximate) Uncertain Skylines Authors:Peyman Afshani, Pankaj K. Agarwal, Lars Arge, Kasper Green Larsen, and Jeff M. Phillips
March 23, 2011
09:00-10:30 EDBT/ICDT Keynote:
Susan Davidson
On Provenance and Privacy
Session Chair:Serge Abiteboul
11:00-12.30 ICDT Research Session 6:
Query languages
Session Chair: Claire David

Relative Expressive Power of Navigational Querying on Graphs Authors:George Fletcher, Marc Gyssens; Dirk Leinders, Jan Van den Bussche, Dirk Van Gucht, Stijn Vansummeren, Yuqing Wu
Complexity of Higher-Order Queries Authors: Huy Vu, Michael Benedikt
Conjunctive Queries Determinacy and Rewriting Authors: Daniel Pasaila
14:00-16.00 ICDT Research Session 7:
Query evaluation and Cleaning
Session Chair: Pierre Senellart
Faster Query Answering in Probabilistic Databases using Read-Once Functions Authors:Sudeepa Roy, Vittorio Perduca, Val Tannen
The Complexity of Evaluating Tuple Generating Dependencies Authors:Reinhard Pichler and Sebastian Skritek
Detecting and Exploiting Near-Sortedness for Efficient Relational Query Evaluation Authors:Sagi Ben-Moshe, Eldar Fischer, Mani Fischer, Yaron Kanza, Arie Matsliah, and Carl Staelin
Data Cleaning and Query Answering with Matching Dependencies and Matching Functions Authors:Leopoldo Bertossi, Solmaz Kolahi, Laks Lakshmanan